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English Pronunciation Pod 75

Saturday Dec 25th, 2010
English Pronunciation Podcast 75-
Special Holiday Offer - Huge Discount on our Full Pronunciation Course

Special one week, one time offer for a copy of Best Accent Training mp3s!



In this week's podcast I'm announcing a special Holiday offer to all our listeners.

English pronunciation pod is offering a copy of our full English pronunciation course in mp3 format- Best Accent Training mp3s! to anyone who
makes a donation of $ 40 or more to the podcast.

That's a savings of almost fifty percent off our usual price. of 79.95 !

I only offer this discount one time a year, so now is the time to act.

How to donate:

Simply go to englishpronunciatipod.com (this page) and click on the "donate" button on the homepage.
This wil take you to Paypal where you can make your donation. PayPal is fast, secure and easy and you don''t need a paypal account to make a donation.

Once I receive your donation, I will send you your download link in an email . Simply click on the link and of the full English Pronunciation course in mp3-
Best Accent Training, downloads right onto your computer.

A New Year and a New Accent!!

If you're interested in improving your accent and pronunciation this coming year, don't delay. This offer will only last one week ; it ends January first.

The Right Tools for Better Pronunciation

Act now and get the tools you need for speaking English clearly and correctly.

Learning to speak English with a standard American accent is a gradual
process but if you work at it regularly and practice as often as you can, you're going to improve!

No matter what your first language is, Best Accent Training has the lessons you need for speaking English clearly and correctly.

All the sounds of English in one course!

Best Accent Training mp3s contains all the sounds of English, with step by step instructions and practice exercises.
You'll get all the vowels of English, all the consonants, syllable stress lessons, intonation and rhythm lessons and connected speech!

Best of all, Best Accent Training is a fast and easy download that you can put on your mp3 player and take with you wherever you go!
I specifically designed it for that purpose.

Happy Holidays!! Happy New Year and see you in 2011!!!


Any questions, comments or suggestions ? Contact us at:   contact@englishpronunciationpod.com


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After practicing with Best Accent Training daily,
I can say that my English communication has improved 100%. "

- Domingo Ponce Rodriguez- - Marketing Manager USA (Spain)

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